KINGS OF INDIGO Charlene Linen Navy Double stripe

This product is no longer available.

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Relaxed blouse with long sleeves and a curved hem. Two chest pockets and a button down placket. The back is longer than the front. This product is made out of 100% linen, production of which does not require any chemicals and uses hardly any water. Made with fully biodegradable Corozo buttons. The environmental impact of the material and processing is practically zero.

  • Flax, from which linen is made, is an easy growing fibre with minimal environmental impact. It needs little water and no pesticides or fertilizers
  • Using linen instead of conventional cotton significantly reduces amount of water needed for production.
  • This product is made by our supplier Mergu in Turkey. The stitching location is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation in 2021. 
  • This product is made in Turkey and delivered by truck, which cause approximately 5 times less CO2 emissions than transportation by plane.
  • We used 100% linen in stead of a blend, which makes it completely biodegradable at the end of the lifetime