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Nourishing and moisturising body butter 60 ML

A rich and velvet smooth body butter, which is an ideal product for nourishing and moisturising dry skin. The composition of the product is luxuriously soft and thick but made easy to spread on your skin by adding plant oils. This body butter contains almond oil that takes care of the skin and enhances its elasticity. Large amounts of shea butter soften and smooth the skin, while retaining its moisture efficiently. Coconut butter calms the skin and contains antioxidants which are vital to it. Jojoba wax smooths and softens the skin. Natural vitamin E, which is important to the skin, has also been added to the product. The scent of this body butter comes from essential oils of cypress and lemon. Essential oil of cypress carries a smoky, sweet balsam scent that lingers. Cypress oil nurtures and relaxes. Organic essential oil uplifts the mood. Benzoin resin combines these two oils and balances the fragrance, while nurturing the skin. Once your skin has absorbed the body butter, the light scent fades. Body butter is absorbed best right after a wash, when the skin is still slightly moist.