Embassy of Bricks and Logs Anvil Peak Poncho Black olive

Verslun Laugavegi og Kringlunni.

This product is no longer available.

Deila þessari vöru:

A poncho so cosy that it could double as a blanket or a pillow.
Super warm but easy to pack away, this poncho is made from a
premium lightweight crushed fabric, padded out with no-down filler,
and has a high-quality, rip-stop lining.

• PAFA, super thin paper crushed fabric, water repellent,
100% recycled nylon
• translucent ripstop lining, 100% recycled nylon
• E100 NO DOWN filling, 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
• EMB branded 2way taped zipper with puller ring
• magnetic pocket closure
• packable
• ethically made & PETA-approved vegan
• blue square signature branding