BASERANGE PAM Bra toppur Ciri purpe

This product is no longer available.

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Fine cotton rib bra
V neck
Contrast overlock seams 
Darts at chest
Elasticized hem
Supportive for medium and small bust

91% Cotton 9% Elastane
Made in Portugal

 Vegetally dyed with nimbus - Due to the nature of dye method variation of color is possible.

Nimbus (Kerria Lacca), also known as a lac dye, is made from the resin stick of the insect lac. The insect is a pest on many plants. The resin is used in foods as wax to extend the shelf life, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics as well as textile dyes. The resin stick contains a water-soluble dye that produces a red or violet shade after dyeing. The dye is a natural mordant. Textile dyed with Nimbus has antimicrobial properties.